When it comes to your transformation, we have two firm beliefs. First, that there is no sustainable change without tackling both hard and soft skills. Second, that in order for your company to make a quantum leap in performance, you need to look beyond processes and tools. Practices, expectations and experiences, from both your people and your clients are pieces of the same puzzle that will lead to your success. Together with you, Nova Reperta will make you grasp your true potential and then help you achieve it.

Working alongside our clients is our second nature. We always compare it with riding a tandem bike. In the beginning of a project we are the ones sitting upfront and steering while our client is peddling along with us. Gradually we move to the back seat and in the end stand alongside encouraging our client: fully in control of its destiny, journey and speed.

Change doesn’t happen by powerpoint or in the board room. Change happens by setting aspirational targets and delivering against them. By engaging your people with an inspirational change story and empowering them to achieve real results. We believe that the difference between planned change and delivered change is often a matter of details.

When we say results we mean real results. We measure our success by the value we create for our clients. We even connect our pay to it and always encourage our clients to engage with us in a value based deal.

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François Barbellion
François Barbellion Partner

“ Nova Reperta is a team of many hands and one mind: trusted and trusting advisors. I am extremely proud to be part of this team! ”

Charissa Tse
Charissa Tse

“ I am surrounded with exceptional people who share that entrepreneurial mindset that defines our company. I feel I can deliver impact for our clients and keep learning as a consultant! ”

The one word describing our DNA is ENTREPRENEURIAL, and we take that very literally. We partner, we bond with our clients! We’re in it together and share the effort and the reward that true transformations bring.

We are do-ers above thinkers and like to roll up our sleeves to implement the change we designed together.

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