01Time for a change?

Do you want to help expose the real potential of a company, and unlock it? Is change in your core, do you get a kick from working in teams and are you willing to go the extra mile? Then you'll want to and we'll need you to send us your CV!

We are mostly looking for exceptional young professionals with up to 10 years of professional experience, yet we also want to hear from seniors who bring unique expertise in the fields of interest of Nova Reperta.


02Our commitment to you

Fantastic clients. Inspiring colleagues. A rewarding journey. This is our absolute commitment to all of our people.

Delivering client work whilst supporting a fast-growing business will give you a unique mix of developing you as a top-notch consultant and entrepreneur.

We reward hard work and personal initiative that help us take Nova Reperta to the next level.


03Who we are looking for

Analytical with great social acumen, you're a thinker and a doer!
You should be credible as an advisor to management and able to coach people with different profiles and from different levels.
In short: someone who’s credible with blue collars in the morning, and comfortable with CEO's/CFO's in the afternoon!

Join Us!