Q8 International Diesel Services (IDS)


Despite its strong market position, International Diesel Services (IDS) was facing declining profits and unit margins were under pressure. Hence they needed to boost sales while minimizing operating costs, starting with their Customer Service, Telemarketing and Network Operations teams.


Nova Reperta performed a 5-day quick diagnostic to assess their performance and way of working, as well as to identify potential improvement tracks.
This resulted in a 1-year transformation journey aiming to:
1) Increase customer value by focusing on core activities
2) Optimize end-to-end processes (‘killing waste’)
3) Strengthen performance management & dialogue
We combined a holistic diagnostic approach with a strong focus on implementing quick-wins from the start to create the necessary platform for success.
After leading the transformation throughout the first 4 months, our role evolved to a coaching mode.


✓ 20% of team's capacity in FTE freed up after 9 months, partially reinvested in continuous improvement activities, partially in other business units
✓ Telemarketing pipeline streamlined, leading to a lifting-to-contracted-volume ratio increase of 67%
✓ Process improvements implemented leading to a reduced contract handling lead time, an increased customer usage of the online account tool and a reduced number of internal approval flows
✓ Performance management system built up, including whiteboards, KPI dashboards, capacity management, standard operating procedures
✓ Culture of structural problem solving installed
✓ New organisation mapped out

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What our client says

“ Without any doubt, Nova Reperta has been instrumental to the success of our project at IDS. ”

Pieter Declerck | General manager