Toyota Australia had been the undeniable market leader for decades. With a solid market share of 20% and customer loyalty rates on some models like the Toyota Hilux as high as 65% a very solid performer in the car distribution and retail industry.
Things started to change when a digital player entered the market and positioned itself between Toyota and its customers.
Toyota started to lose margin and market share.
Together with Nova Reperta, Toyota embarked on a customer-centric transformation to put the customer back at the center of everything they do.


Nova Reperta was tasked with the design and development of a multi-phase transformation program of Toyota’s operations and culture.
The overall vision of the program was to turn customers into Brand Advocates.
After a customer diagnostic we identified 6 work streams and set up task forces to implement countermeasures and drive change.


✓ Avoided the 'hockey stick effect' through the implementation of the new customer-centric business model
✓ Implemented a new retail quality standards program
✓ Improved customer lifecycle management
✓ Increased customer loyalty

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