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Still today, employees need to perform routine tasks that do not add value to their customer, yet for which no alternative exists to get that job done otherwise. This implies a triple challenge for companies. Evidently, it is not a cost-efficient way of working. It is also detrimental for the employee’s motivation, and this in a climate where the war on talent is peaking. On top of that, it often even results in a suboptimal customer experience.

Luckily, the rapidly evolving digital world has led to technologies becoming accessible to businesses that allow to automate repetitive, standard tasks. Yet which technology to use in which situation, how to implement it, and to embed the change it brings within your organization?

At Nova Reperta, we help companies free up time & resources by identifying, implementing and managing opportunities for automation. We apply Robotic Process Automation (RPA): proven, non-invasive technology where software bots are created that mimic human execution of tasks and processes. Think of these bots as virtual people on your team, performing tasks that you do not enjoy doing – and this in a reliable and structured way, working 24/7/365.

The impact? Lower costs, higher productivity, increased quality and compliance, and above all – time you can reinvest in your customer!

The cherry on the cake? Impact can be achieved fast, it doesn’t take months or years – just ask us for a workshop to identify, select and quantify a Proof Of Concept together, and let us prove to you that we can have an automation up and running in a matter of days!

*Prof. Willcocks, “Technology is not about to steal your job – here's why”, Techworld, Feb. 2016

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