02Customer Centricity


In a world of customer-driven disruption and digitalization, many businesses face growing challenges to continuously guarantee a customer experience that consistently and repeatedly delivers brilliant basics with a personalised touch of delight.

Customers are raising the bar inspired by what they come across in other industries or with new digital disruptors in your industry. They demand faster, more tailored solutions and, overall, a more engaging and memorable experience in an omnichannel environment.

Facing increased churn rates or decreasing loyalty? NPS scores going down and not clear why? Limited understanding of what really matters for your customer? Or no clear view of your customer’s preferred journey?

At Nova Reperta, we believe customer centricity is the mindset and guiding compass of everybody in your organisation and should ultimately be anchored in your operating model.

We help companies to become (more) customer centric and achieve profitable growth by maximizing customer lifetime value. Together, we define the customer promise, we design solutions to radically enhance customer experience and optimize touchpoints along your customer’s journeys.

We help to transform you into a customer centric organisation by determining an end-to-end operating model, and by operationalising the solutions through agile experimentation in multi-disciplinary teams.

The impact? Higher and better profits, engaged customers who want to do more business with you and a happier workforce to help them. We call it ‘The Art of Anticipation’.

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