We’re no wizards, but we do deliver magic

Strong ties, five values

Set up in 2011 by seasoned consultants and managers sharing an entrepreneurial drive. And that drive is still there, but we’re now part of a team of about 50+ professionals obsessively focused on creating impact with our clients. That goal attracts ambitious, entrepreneurial people who naturally combine soft and hard skills. And that immediately evokes the five core values that tie us together: entrepreneurial, pragmatic, inclusive, trustworthy and always exploring.


Nova Reperta – What’s in a name?

Nova Reperta (new discoveries) refers to a series of 20 illustrations made by the Bruges Renaissance artist Joannes Stradanus around 1590 in Florence. Each illustration depicts a new discovery, setting off a modern innovation against ancient times.

Entrepreneurs around the world #alwaysexploring

If we claim to be entrepreneurs at heart, you can take that very literally. Besides the projects we deliver together with our clients, we invest part of our profits in sustainable ventures around the world in which we also involve our consultants – on a voluntary basis, of course.


“Energy and drive”

“I did a quick diagnostic in Tanzania for the Dutch floricultural company Dümmen Orange. Being involved in an adventure like that gives you the energy and drive to throw yourself into your next consultancy project.”

Tom Saeys, senior consultant

Our partners

Further impact through our extensive partner and expert network

The digital interconnected world around us has never evolved faster. New technologies emerge on a daily basis, designed and developed to improve customer satisfaction, productivity, profitability or employee wellbeing. When customer challenges arise demanding specific functional expertise or technology, we can rely on a strong network of partners and experts – including a renowned Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service provider and a startup in AI-based data transformation.  


There has to be a fit

This place isn’t for everybody. There has to be a fit, period. But if the fit is there, you’ll be hooked. That’s probably why we can pride ourselves on a remarkably high staff retention rate.

We’re always on the lookout for new colleagues. Looking for a steep learning curve? Eager to roll up your sleeves and help companies to reinvent themselves at every level?
Or do you simply think we should meet – profile beats vacancy.

Meet some of our people

Alexander Carpentier

Charissa Tse

Eljakim Caus


Filip Leflot


Françoise Moonen

François Delfosse


François Barbellion


Frederic Ahishakiye

Gille Sebrechts

Hans De Loore

Jean-François Wartique

Joëlle Van Wesemael

Jolien Staring

Mathieu Deschuyter

Nick Dieltiens


Pieter Mergan

Sarah Praet

Stijn Vanhees

Thomas Callebaut

Tobit Wijnant

Tom Saeys

Tom De Ferm