"Nova Reperta is interested in our strategic path. And it applies the insights it gains from our relationship to its other consultancy projects."
Paul Carpentier, serial entrepreneur and founder of Esoptra

Do you ever wonder why you’re not able to find a piece of information even though you’re certain it must be available somewhere within your company’s data? Esoptra has developed a “data innovation” platform that fills the gap between potentially available data on the one hand and truly actionable information on the other. “We’ve even given a name to the disease: ‘ARID’, for Access-Related Information Deficit, and we’ve made it our mission to innovate and simplify the battle against it.” With Esoptra, Paul Carpentier founded in 2017 his sixth start-up together with his “tech partner in crime”, Jan Van Riel. “The intention of Nova Reperta joining the board was to act as a catalyst.”

Real answer
Esoptra provides a real answer to a pressing question a lot of our customers struggle with.


We can apply Esoptra’s solutions across use cases in traceability, asset tracking, workflow automation, and content access & sharing, and can do so in various industries


Combining deep-dive data transformation with the simplest of user experiences makes it possible to create an end-to-end solution that is truly customer-centric


Innovate (raw) data into value

Top execs from organizations worldwide will tell you that year-over-year they tend to spend more on acquiring, collecting, securing, storing, protecting and archiving data. Yet very few tend to be proud of the truly actionable information that they are able to derive on demand from that – theoretically invaluable – collection of raw data resources. Let alone transform, reformat and deploy it to the person and device at the place and time of the action. “That is exactly what Esoptra focuses on: we provide the simplest way to innovate your data into value”

Where does the food on my plate come from?

“In mid-2018 we landed our first client through Nova Reperta,” recalls Paul. “A leading certification partner had been doing food certification for a major retailer for 15 years. But the data collected was never used to give consumers food traceability information. Within a couple of weeks, we set up a system where consumers can use a QR code to trace the food chain to the origin and even provide feedback in the event of any food-related issues.” Aside from expanding the scope across the food lines, Esoptra now works on multiple use cases for customers of the certification authority. With over 80% of our customers, we observe use cases where the combination of Nova Reperta’s analysis & change management capabilities and Esoptra’s data innovation solutions can boost the customer’s digital transformation.

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