Employee experience

An employee-centric approach to boost employee engagement in your new normal

COVID-19 has left a deep mark on the majority of companies. Of course, employers want to spring back quickly. During this pandemic, it has become clear that committed employees can best help make that a reality; the employees with drive are the key to success. But even the most motivated of employees will have questions about their future: Is there still a place for me and what will my role look like?

To ensure your employee engagement has every chance of success post-Corona, SD Worx and Nova Reperta partnered to develop a unique offer to leverage your organization’s employee experience. Keywords central to this program include: co-creation, empowerment, and engagement. Additionally, this program gives you the chance to put your stamp on “Your New Normal,” so that you and your employees can seamlessly get back on track faster with better results.


No magic solution fits all companies

We design a modular approach customized to the specific needs and timeline of each company. Our Employee Experience track towards your New Normal can start from an employee survey with standard explanations to completely tailor-made trajectories.

SD Worx and Nova Reperta:

a complete and carefree solution

SD Worx brings their expertise in helping people throughout their careers with innovation that goes beyond remuneration: from recruiting to rewarding, training, and developing the talent that makes companies successful. With experience in Design Thinking and Change Management, Nova Reperta provides an employee-centric approach to your New Normal. By combining our unique skillsets, we can also identify opportunities for further optimization.

Making employee experience your

priority in your New Normal?