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Ensuring a more certain future

It is no secret that the financial services sector is on the brink of a radical transition. New technological and regulatory developments have brought new market players in their wake who are ready, willing and able to disrupt the status quo. That, coupled with continuing pressure on interest rates, challenging equity markets and increasingly empowered consumers means that service providers and insurers are being forced to reassess, redesign and reimplement their business models. These are areas in which Nova Reperta has an impressive track record, and with good reason.

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Financial sector currently facing around 18% negative growth in net income, year on year, slipping to 10th in overall global ranking.

“Beneath the surface of customer value”

“Banks, insurers and other financial service providers are having a tough time, with little to no interest on savings, ever-stricter regulations on lending and technological advancements that are narrowing the margins… Add to that the onset of digital innovations such as blockchain, third-party payment services and comparison websites, and it would be easy to foretell nothing but doom and gloom for the sector. However, established players have many assets their disruptive competitors do not: such as huge client bases, access to data and an established brand. Assets which Nova Reperta helps transform into drivers of sustainable growth. We help you push your limits, so you can get more out of your current operations and assets and, most importantly, leverage the deep customer relationships that will secure your place within the newly evolving financial services ecosystem.”

– François Delfosse, our industry lead in financial services


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