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Traditional providers of HR Services today face multiple challenges – and indeed challengers – to their market share. New players riding the wave of digital innovation have spurred the commoditization of payroll services, forcing established names to design and deliver an entirely new value proposition. One that meets the needs of today’s organizations in search of outsourcing partners with international exposure and multidisciplinary credentials. At Nova Reperta, we help you harness the full power of technology not only to optimize and digitize your own operations but expand your scope to cover the full spectrum of HR processes.

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HR Services sector predicted to grow by 9.6% (CAGR) 2018-2026, driven by adoption of cloud technologies and integrated solutions covering all HR processes.

Working with the “new workforce”

“HR is not the only sector currently being disrupted by new technologies. And yet HR service providers are in a unique position to capitalize on these very same technologies to secure future growth. By leveraging the huge amounts of data at their disposal – to enable their own clients to get the most out of the new decentralized workforce. With fully digitized and fully integrated solutions for recruiting, onboarding, evaluating, developing and ultimately retaining their human capital. Based on sustainable process improvement, best practices and reliable benchmarking. At Nova Reperta, we help you get organized on the inside, so you can provide the smoothest possible phygital experience to the outside world.”

– François Delfosse, our industry lead in HR Services

François Delfosse

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