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A smooth ride in a disruptive landscape

Europe’s pole position in the automotive and mobility industries is currently being challenged from all quarters. Not just from traditional competitors but also from new players riding the wave of technological megatrends that is currently redefining our notion of mobility. And whether companies sink or swim will depend on their ability to leverage the region’s diversity of mobility realities and technological prowess in adapting to the changing mobility habits of European customers.  

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Changing the mobility game

Autonomous, connected, electric – better use zero emission instead of electric as zero emission also covers hydrogen – and shared cars: the four big tech trends that are already disrupting the mobility status quo. The “four horsemen” signalling the apocalypse for the automotive industry? Or the “Fantastic Four” that will save it from extinction?

From safeguarding profitability to creating sustainable value

“We believe that the ability of the automotive industry to survive and thrive in the rapidly increasing disruptive context is closely tied to its capacity to transform its value creation model from an OEM and distribution model towards a multi-dimensional services model. Not just economically speaking but also in terms of society and the environment. Which is why our solutions are geared towards building a future-proof and customer-centric Operating Model that can drive innovation, boost sustainability and in turn move the whole industry to the next level.”

– Nick Dieltiens, our industry lead in transportation and mobility


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