A shifting paradigm

The fully integrated company and blockbuster model have been the pharmaceutical industry’s paradigms of choice for a long time now. One in which value creation is intrinsically linked to the creation and protection of intellectual property. Those paradigms have led to enormous successes. At the same time, they have blinded many companies to the need for structural cost optimization and true patient-centricity. But the paradigm is now well and truly shifting. Which is why Nova Reperta helps you adapt the business model of your pharmaceuticals company to the new social, economic, technological and regulatory realities, along with how you manage the expectations of your stakeholders.

Figure this out


Shifting market forces, changing demographics and new technologies expected to slow global pharma growth to just 3%.

$XXX billion

Increasingly stringent regulations estimated to cost the global industry $XXX billion.

$XX billion per year

Eroded patent protections result in loss of revenue of approx. $XX billion per year

“Future-proof is the future”

“If pharma companies want to survive the current wave of disruptive technologies and increased competition from emerging markets, they must put fundamentally different operating models in place. At Nova Reperta we go well beyond the usual focus on operational excellence, automation and digitization. We also help build organizations that revolve around true patient-centricity by redesigning the customer journeys that matter and operationalizing them afterwards. And we help you become more agile, efficient and modular. So you can boost collaboration between your teams, engage in new partnerships with a fresh mindset, and/or integrate technological (and cultural) change in your operations. By transforming the journeys that matter to the stakeholders who matter most, pharmaceutical companies can again lay solid foundations for future growth and tap into the opportunities emerging from disruption.”

– François Barbellion & Françoise Moonen, our industry leads in pharmaceuticals


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