Agile transformation

Defining your new awesome

Constantly shifting customer demands, competitor moves and employee expectations mean you have to respond even faster, more effectively and more efficiently. In other words, you need to get agile to reach a new level of awesome. Going through such a fundamental transformation can be highly challenging. But pulling it off successfully yields gigantic rewards in terms of enhanced customer experience, improved employee engagement and increased profitability.

Your pains mapped out

Lack of adaptive capacity

Need to boost engagement while responding faster to customer needs via less rigid structures?

Need to capture opportunities

Looking to create more value from your team? To drive innovation to diversify both your offer and channels while offering value-added services?

Room for efficiency improvements

Want to increase productivity and competitiveness by allocating resources more effectively while also reducing the complexity of your organization?

“A flexible approach”

“More adaptive capacity, greater teamwork and productivity, improved customer satisfaction and so on, all originating from software development: the potential benefits of Agile have been well demonstrated across a wide spectrum of other sectors and functions. What have we learned from being in the driving seat of such transformations? Firstly, that it’s important to adopt a flexible approach: deploy the key components of Agile methodologies – whether it be Scrum, Kanban, SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework), Lean or something else – where they add most value and where the impact is most tangible. Secondly, that even a slight misjudgement of the power and dynamics of your culture can lead to the failure of your Agile transformation. That is why we systematically help you articulate your “definition of awesome”. So you can use it to inspire your employees and translate it into clear behaviors at all levels… for tangible impact!”

– François Delfosse, partner at Nova Reperta


How we make our mark

Step 1. Intake

We thoroughly review and analyse your existing processes. Based on interviews and workshops, we assess your current organizational culture, and the underlying metrics that drive it forward.

Step 2. Design

We work together with you to define what “awesome” really means for your organization in terms of customer experience, working environment and behaviours. From these insights, we identify gaps and the potentially new culture required to execute your strategy.

Step 3. Coordination

We articulate new organizational principles and draft (together with your people) a detailed transformation roadmap aimed at achieving maximum ownership of the shift in mindset involved in an agile way of working. This holistic transformation plan includes cultural change and a selective approach to Agile – and more.

Step 4. Adaptation

We start small, implementing standard agile practices (e.g. daily huddles, visual boards, sprint reviews, etc.) in key areas that can be further expanded and customized as word spreads.

Step 5. Integration

Via a process of continuous integration of the core agile principles, we help you inspire and reinforce confidence in the incremental changes that will lead to genuine organizational transformation.

Don’t just take it from us

Your next move

Find out how Agile can help transform your organization into the lean, mean and awesome machine it needs to be to survive and thrive in tomorrow’s competitive landscape.