Operating model

Capturing the future

Staying competitive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment not only means continually designing and redesigning your business strategy. It also involves adapting your operating model to the changing rules of the game. Increased digitalization is pushing you to rethink your business model. Moving from traditional linear product-based business models towards exponential platform-based business models, you want to connect product consumers and producers beyond your organizational borders. While your strategy defines the aspired future of your organization, aligning your way of working is how you capture that future and make it reality. That is why we make sure all the building blocks fit together: from your structures and competencies to systems, processes and infrastructure. So you can continue to deliver genuine value for your customers and engage all your employees along the way.

Your pains mapped out

A new strategic direction

Just designed a future-proof business strategy and superior new value proposition in response to market changes? Looking for the most efficient and effective way to implement it by adapting your operating model?

Integrating a new business

Just acquired a company that will catapult you forward in the rankings? Now need to deliver the espoused synergies for real and forge a winning operating model that combines the best of both companies?

Subpar business performance

Do you sense that you are making the right strategic choices but revenue growth and profitability are not following suit? Need to re-think your operating model in order to boost performance?

“Changing track”

“There are two ways to respond to shifting market conditions: passively react to change in an attempt to keep up… or proactively change track to benefit from favourable winds and come out in the lead. At Nova Reperta, we do our best to turn threats into opportunities, fostering the profound transformation required to design and implement a new target operating model successfully. We help you review every element of the equation: from the ecosystem in which your organization resides and for which it aims to create value, to your organizational structure, systems and infrastructure, all the way through to your end-to-end processes, resources, sourcing models and enabling technologies. We ensure that people at every level are on the same page and headed in the same direction. And we take care of your change management, so your customers and employees engage in the same new journey together.”

– François Barbellion, partner at Nova Reperta


How we make our mark

Step 1. Intake

Being mindful of your business strategy, we conduct a thorough review of your operating principles and guidelines to identify existing and upcoming threats to your operating model.

Step 2. Design

We work together with you to adapt your operating model, revisiting one or more of its building blocks: organizational model; end-to-end processes; resources, skills and sourcing model; IT, infrastructure and location footprint; and core management principles.

Step 3. Change

We help you articulate your new target operating model and detail the transformation roadmap aimed at achieving maximum ownership.

Step 4. Implementation

We help you implement the new operating model, from detailed design to preparing the go-live and aftercare.

Beyond this, we help you on the transformation journeys that matter, boosting your agilitycustomer centricity and operating excellence.

As it can be difficult to get a clear view on what needs to change in your organisation or where to start, we developed the Organisation Readiness Scan. This scan helps to understand the current ‘fitness’ and the ‘future-readiness’ of your organisation.

Your next move

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