Value creation plan

Making a plan and making it stick

No matter how much “on point” a business strategy may be, there is no point defining one if it can’t be put into action. But that is precisely where most strategies break down. In fact, the chasm that tends to widen between our best laid plans and their actual execution is one of the most common obstacles to business success. So why has a general formula for resolving this problem eluded the best minds in business for so long? We believe it’s because the magic happens at the point of deployment itself in a very intuitive and hands-on fashion. Which is something which can be cultivated in the right hands and under the right conditions.

Your pains mapped out

Lack of commitment

Wondering how to inspire a higher gear of ownership of your strategic objectives amongst your managers and employees?

No comprehensive step-by-step approach

Need to define clearer strategic goals? Need to communicate a purpose, create a ‘lighthouse of inspiration’ that stimulates to act?

No company-wide involvement

Want to align and connect all levels of your organization in accordance with your overarching purpose or strategy?

No forward momentum

Need transparent ways to continuously evaluate, encourage and actively steer the deployment of your strategic plan throughout your organization?

“Plans are worthless. Planning is everything.”

“We’ve all read the quote, attributed in one form or another to one of the greatest strategists of them all: former general and US president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. And it’s a sentiment we at Nova Reperta share wholeheartedly. Because short of the wisdom that can be gleamed in hindsight – in terms of managing performance, setting objectives and allocating resources – the best guarantee for the successful implementation of any strategy is the insight, intuition, and tenacity of the people charged with implementing it. Which is why we believe the process of value creation must start with the creation of engagement. By lending sufficient importance to personal stakes and motivations and translating objectives into actionable plans tailored to each stakeholder. It involves aligning all levels of your organization with a clear horizon and tangible goals. And along the way, it requires constant evaluation, encouragement and corrective steering. That is how success is won on the ground, inch by inch.”

– Eljakim Caus, partner at Nova Reperta


How we make our mark

Step 1. Assessment

On the basis of a Strategic Readiness Scan, we help you evaluate your capabilities within your organization in each of the four critical domains: Clarity, Commitment, Feasibility and Actionability.

Step 2. Adaptation

Once gaps in understanding, engagement and capability have been identified, we help you fill them through targeted recommendations aimed at adapting your strategy and your workforce to ensure complete alignment.

Step 3. Definition

We help you turn your strategy into a genuine Value Creation Plan across all relevant functional dimensions of your organization.

Step 4. Deployment

Through an incremental process of constant evaluation and realignment, we guide you throughout the implementation, ensuring the highest possible speed, quality and agility of execution.

Don’t just take it from us

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