Organisation Readiness Scan

Organisations continue to face new challenges and COVID proved to be an accelerator for certain trends.
On top of liquidity & solvency issues, companies need to prepare for accelerating digitalisation, dealing with uncertainty and becoming more social & environmental responsible.
Is your organisation ready for these challenges?
As companies are preparing for business recovery, now is a good time to reflect & prepare your organisation for the future.



What is the Organisation Readiness Scan?

As it can be difficult to get a clear view on what needs to change in your organisation or where to start, we developed the Organisation Readiness Scan. This scan helps to understand the current ‘fitness’ and the ‘future-readiness’ of your organisation.


Can you make effective decisions? Is your organisation able to adapt rapidly to new circumstances?


Is your organisation aligned with your strategy? Do you have the required future-proof & digital capabilities?

How does it work?

In a project of a few weeks, our consultants will assess your organisation around 5 dimensions to identify key strengths & improvement areas for your organisation.

They will also deliver a clear & actionable plan to move forward.

We follow a three-step approach

<b>MAP</b> - Strategic intake

MAP - Strategic intake

Understand your business context (e.g. market conditions, strategy, company culture) that influences the organisation. Identify focus areas for the scan with you.

<b>MARK</b> - Diagnose

MARK - Diagnose

Assess the current organisation fitness & readiness on the 5 dimensions. Identify key organisation strengths & improvement areas.

<b>MOVE</b> - Action plan

MOVE - Action plan

Consolidate findings & develop clear change approach (incl. milestones)

Interaction with you & your organisation is key throughout the entire process. 

We will establish this with a combination of meetings, workshops & in-depth interviews. 

What’s the end result for me?

You will receive insights on the maturity of your organisation and a detailed plan on how to move forward.

Watch how it works

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Contact Alexis Ost Duchateau, director at Nova Reperta.

Organisation Readiness Scan

Prepare your organisation for the future