Making an impact by 2030

The Benelux Top 22
Climate-Tech Scaleup Report

In July 2021, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proudly presented a proposal called ‘Fit for 55’ – the plan to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030. That is only 8 years away.

For most businesses of all sizes, mitigating climate impact is rapidly appearing on agendas for action, and this increases demand for solutions.

Clean-tech innovation offers promising potential but the question is, how quickly can they make an impact? Scale-ups in Clean-Tech today, when executing with speed and effectiveness, hold huge potential to accelerate the positive impact on businesses and human behaviors by 2030.

Nova Reperta and WON have teamed up to scan the local ecosystem and turned it into a report.

What’s inside?

A shortlist of top 22 Benelux Climate-Tech scaleups that hold the highest potential in the fields of:

  • Mobility,
  • Industry,
  • Solar & Wind,
  • Buildings,
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • and Hydro.

inspired by Paul Hawken’s – author of “Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crises in One Generation”.

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Your next move

The Benelux Climate-Tech venture sector is only getting started. There are likely others that we have not yet included – please let us know, send us your feedback and tell us why you believe they will make an impact on time by 2030.

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